Raptor Game Library

Fast - Powerful - Simple

RaptorGL allows you to create 2D (and soon 3D) games, demos, and other animations that can be run in any modern mobile or desktop browser. Built with JavaScript, WebGL for rendering with Canvas fallback.

Feature highlights:
  • Scenes for managing layers/levels/menus
  • Layers to organize your sprites/levels/menus
  • Sprites, AnimatedSprites and Sprite Sheets
  • Tilemap support with Tiled Map Editor
  • WebAudio API for multi-channel sounds
  • Web Server to run and test your games locally
  • Build Tools to compress & create release of your game
  • and more...


RaptorGL has been used for all my #1GAM and #LD48 games. It has been an invaluable tool to finish a game every month and one in 48 hours.

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If there is a feature you must have in any game library, what would it be? Send me your suggestion so I can add it to RGL, or who knows?... it may already be there!

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